Christmas Media Launch TAC

Premier Ted Baillieu today launched the Transport Accident Commission's Christmas campaign on the steps of Parliament calling on Victorian drivers to harness their grief over recent tragic multiple fatalities by committing to safe driving. "The past few weeks of tragedies have further highlighted the importance of making every journey a safe one, especially in the lead-up to Christmas," Mr Baillieu said. "With several tragic multiple fatality crashes on our minds, now is the time to talk to loved ones about the dangers of risky driving and the importance of road safety. "Holiday periods produce high volumes of traffic on Victoria's major highways and arterial roads, often involving a change in travel patterns and use of unfamiliar … [Read more...]

Media Banc/Bushfire Arsonists Video

Dedicated Victorian police patrols will intensify during periods of high bushfire danger with specialist support from the mounted police and the operational response unit. 'Operation fire setter' was launched today in the Dandenong Ranges and will also conduct targeted investigations into known bushfire arsonists and people of interest and will monitor areas of high risk. Victoria Police says it is vital that the community also becomes involved. As the slogan suggests, if you've seen something or know something, say something. … [Read more...]

TAC to take Speed Kills to the world

VICTORIA'S Transport Accident Commission wants its plan to change the name of the Mallee country town Speed to SpeedKills on Friday to go global. A spokeswoman for the TAC which came up with the idea for the name change as part of its road safety campaigning, said five small towns called Speed in the US had been identified. They will be approached to see if they will also change their name to SpeedKills, internationalising the anti-speeding message in the second phase of the campaign. On Friday the town will unveil a new SpeedKills sign after reaching its goal in the form of 10,000 'Likes' on its Facebook page within 24 hours of launching the "Rename Speed'' campaign last month. A television commercial that features a selection of the … [Read more...]

TAC at Balnarring Race Day

Balnarring Picnic Racing club held the annual Balnarring Race Day, on Wednesday 26th January 2011. Media Banc co-sponsored the Racing Banc Marque at the event, while also facilitating installation and management of a solid TAC presence on the day. The visually striking and strategically positioned banner boards conveyed the TAC / Victoria Police road safety messages in-situ, delivering a highly targeted result. … [Read more...]